Overconditioned in Omaha

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Hi all,

It seems like I had just gotten my summer routine down when winter came along and blew it to pieces! I live in a house that has soft water (water softener), and I cannot seem to figure out how to keep from getting overconditioned, especially on the right side of my hair (don't ask me how that happens, I don't know). My hair gets stringy and not at all clumped. I'm trying to use a gentle shampoo (AG Re:coil Curl Activating Shampoo) at least once a week, which helps a little. I think my hair may need more protein, so tomorrow I'm going to try using the GVP KPak knockoff, then following with a good conditioner. My only problem is, tomorrow is my husband's office Christmas party, and I would like to look good.

Any suggestions on how to fix this? Any different shampoos I should consider? Any other products? HELP!


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