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I usually spend a week or 2 scuba diving in mexico every summer. Is there any product that will undo the drying/damaging effects of ocean water, ponytails, goggles, and the shower water?
Also, I took a suggestion from the tips for moisturizing dry, winter hair and it has worked so well for me! The Salon Selectives Serious Recovery (is what I think it's called) has worked so well and it's so cheap!
On the subject of products, I noticed that my most hair-altering product is missing from your lists. I suggest that it is reviewed and listed because it has changed my experience of having curly hair. It's by Phytospecific, Moiturizing Styling Balm.
It may have been designed for more kinky hair, but my natural ringlets benfit from the hold and the definition.
And thanks for such an awesome site.
heart, audreymason


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    Thanks for the tip about Phytospecific. We'll try to track it down.

    Post your scuba question on the General Discussion about Hair board; you'll get a lot of response there.

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