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OH MY GOODNESS!! I've heard about relaxers but I was so astonished when I read about the effects of chemical (relaxer & color) in your hair. The chemicals r able to seep through your pours through the blood for example and cause harmful effects such as cancer & some feminine problems...eeeeeek!Think i'll stick to rinse's from now on & they hardly do anything 4 my hair, so if it ain't natural I don't want it.

Just felt like passing that on...peace, thanks


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    Hair color isn't the only guilty culprit. Many people believe that human skin is waterproof but that isn't the case. The health and beauty products we use can enter the bloodstream through our pores, which may cause health problems. That's why it's important to know the ingredients in the products we buy. Everything we put on our skin and hair seeps through our pores, so know your products!

    Here's a good resource for learning about the ingredients in health and beauty products. These guys are really on the ball!

    Skin Deep: Cosmetic Safety Reviews
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