Mai Hair Brazilian Keratin Treatment???

Anyone have this done? I'm having it done tonight and cannot find anything anywhere on the internet about it except for their site and a utube they have on the process. :dontknow:
I think my hair is 2C Curl/frizz hair. So looking forward to no more FRIZZ! :blob5:
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  • jojo_leejojo_lee Posts: 14Registered Users
    How did it go?
    I'm looking to buy some from ebay since its the most reasonable priced treatment.

    Co-wash: Suave coconut
    Condish: Biolage conditioning balm
    leave in: Suave condish
    Styling: Blended Beauty Frizz pudding, BRHG, Blended Beauty Styling lotion,
    Technique: Ice queen method/plop/sleep in a pineapple
  • AlbanyDaleAlbanyDale Posts: 2Registered Users
    I just bought some for five bucks on ebay. I really didn't expect to win but I did. If you have a review for it please post it. Thanks.

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