Stringy curls?

Im new here and started the CG method a while back. Im using a new line of condish sold at Wal-Mart that has no sulfate or paraben..Its made in Canada and not all Wal-Marts carry this line. Ive used it in conjunction with the shampoo and at first I was thrilled how my curls came back to life..but now since I started using it daily Ive found my curls limp, stringy and almost wet looking at times. Ive gone from soft fluffy curls to stringy curls and I hate it..could this condish be just too much for my very fine 3b curls? I use no other product on my hair so there is no chance of another product causing this. Ive read about the VO5 line and using just the condish and even tho many complain its kind of watered down perhaps this lighter version of condish is what I might need?. Any suggestion please Id love to know more about how others battled the wet stringy curl look.


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