Have Question about hard water....

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Hi Im a newbie to your site...had curly hair 40 + years....I moved into a house with a well about 4 years ago them moved again in to a house with well that has really really hard water about 2 years ago....Im here forever. I have noticed a difference in my hair lately its less lively. I know my hair pretty good and wonder if it might be the water??? I was on vacation last week (hawaii) and used city water and swam in the ocean and it seemed to make a bit of difference??? Does anyone know anything about how hard water effects your hair?? Anna


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    My well water is very hard even though it goes through a water softener. It also has a sulfur smell. Sometimes the white residue that sticks to our stainless steel kitchen sink is quite thick, depending on the time of year (water table level, I imagine) or water pump/softener maintenance. When I first moved here (away from city water), I thought my hair was getting increasingly frizzy because of my age. I tried most grocery store frizz products with only mild success. Then I thought my child had inherited my frizzy hair. My skin and my husband's scalp (er..skin) often itched after we showered.

    Well, one day I got a $20 shower water filter from Home Depot... My frizz calmed down a bit, my girl's long fine hair was smooth, and we all itched less. I was so hopeful that I might some day have "normal" hair and not sticky straw that I got a good haircut (hadn't in several years) and went Curly Girl.

    The shower filter was the best $20 spent on my family's hair and skin. I also got a gooseneck showerhead so we could have filtered water baths!

    Oh- ocean water is curl enhancing, though (for me) it can leave it sticky. But, I don't think it is "bad" for hair. I imagine (just a guess) that swimming for a long time in the ocean gets rid of the possibly bad stuff stuck to hair and replaces it with something better. Salt water curl enhancement is what stylers are mimicing with mag sulfate.
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    I think my water leaves a lot of mineral deposits in my hair over time. It's just another form of "buildup" except it's from the water. Regular clarifying seems to work well for me.

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