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Hello all !

Right now I feel as if I'm in a love / hate relationship with my hair! I have been transitioning since May 29th of this year and the new growth that I have seen has me going :love7: .
I co-wash my hair about once a week and every few weeks I get a deep conditioning treatment from a hair salon. After I co-wash I make sure to detangle ( with a widetooth comb! ) and add in kinky curly knot today, jojoba oil, and then I twist with blended beauty styling butter . but when I detangle I see ( what I think is ) too much hair . And I know the hair isn't my new growth because its basically almost straight and my natural hair is tighter curled.
Could I be conditioning too much?
or not using the right products?
Also after I take the twists or braids out in the morning they look great ! but then about an hour or two later its dryer than the Sahara.
Is there something I could do to combat this problem?

Please help !


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    Define "too much hair". Are you taking into account 100 hairs every day? That's 100x7= 700 hairs (you say you do this once a week, yes?).

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    I wasn't . thanks !
    this explains alot . . *slaps forhead.

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