How do they not get this??!!

My friend and I were talking on the phone the other day about Harry Potter (yeah, yeah, I know) and I mentioned how I was disappointed they were taking Hermione's hair to such non-bushy places. We both agreed on that, but also that it does look nice now. But then she says about the later movies, "I was like, wow, it's BRUSHED!"

I was like :? and asked her to clarify. Sure enough, she said in the later movies it must have been brushed because it was so smooth and not huge.

I told her it was the other way around with curls and reminded her of a sleepover once before when I brushed my hair and she said I had Hermione hair. She was just like...well, the point is it's tamed.

:x WHY do so many straighties think brushing curls will TAME them??? It makes them into a poofball, that's what it does.

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    I know!!

    A girl once said to me:- you never brush your hair, do you?
    Girl:-Oh, thats why you got such tight curls!

    Hello?! I dont even know what yo say...
    does she think that brushing will "un-curl" my hair or what?
    That I have curls because I dont brush?
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    I wish it was that easy, just wake up one day, just brush my hair and voila! Super straight, smooth, glossy hair. :roll:

    Just because it works for straighties doesn't mean it works for curlies...silly straighties...
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    For years there was this teacher's aid that before the school pictures she would go down the line making sure everyone's hair looked ok, and every year she would brush out my hair, resulting is most of my school pictures resulting with my hair in a big poof ball.

    My son started preschool today, and I was so excited by his first school pictures, I worked very hard to make sure his hair looked it's best before he went to school. The pictures came in a few weeks later, his hair was a big poof ball, I was so mad, especally with my son is autisic and has major issues with people touching his head. It's been over 2 months and i have yet passed out a single picture yet. Do you think it would be unreasonable to go to school with my son on picture day and stand guard over his hair for the rest of his life?
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    I would just let the teacher know that you don't want them messing with his hair. If a parent requests that their child not be unnecessarily touched, I don't see how they can say no.
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    When I lived in the NE I could brush my hair and it looked fine because the dryer air kept it wavy, but I could only do it with a flexible plastic vent brush with no snagging pieces on the base (some are very horrid that way). What I usually carried in my purse actually was a plastic pic, that way I could keep my hair tangle free without pulling at it. On the rare occasions when I've straightened my hair since on CG I still use both of those to keep it in place.
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    What the hell, I can't believe these teachers think they have the right to touch a student's hair, especially on picture day. Don't they realize parents already know this and more than likely they styled their children's hair that way for a reason? That's nerve of them to brush the children's hair like that.

    Now I know for the future, when I have children (and I'm sure at least one will be a curly), to let their teachers no that their hair is OFF LIMITS on picture day!
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    I would be FURIOUS if someone had brushed out my kid's hair. If I ever have kids, you better believe I'm standing guard over the curls on picture day.
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    I'd always say "no" to the comb at school pictures. I was instructed to do this so I wouldn't get lice :)
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    Can I butt in on this from a photographer's perspective?

    I don't take school pictures but my studio shoots thousands every year and I am the person who has to deal with parents on the phone.

    My studio does NOT touch the kids, though we are all background-checked. Often it is the "helper parents" who fix the kids hair, and they may have no idea that their idea of what little Susie's hair should look like is not your idea. Mainly though, we get feedback about the kids hair NOT being brushed. We don't bring combs to a shoot unless a school asks for them, and even then, we don't do the combing.

    My suggestion? Send a note if you don't want your kid to be touched, but please don't then complain that their hair is "a mess". LOL, I have a feeling there is no way to win this one, which is why we offer free retakes. :lol:
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