Which would you prefer: light or dark color hair?

EtincelleEtincelle Registered Users Posts: 48
For a while, I've wanted black, almost-black hair, like my sister's.

But just yesterday, I realized that having light brown hair makes my hair look softer (which makes me feel effeminate :laughing6:) as opposed to more shiny, which dark hair does.

I guess to reword it, would you rather have soft hair or shiny hair?

miss etincelle?
former dreadhead and now a curly girl! :mrgreen:
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trying to grow my hair to at least bsl, but no longer than wl
now on cg and seeing how it's working so far :)


  • Eighty7Eighty7 Registered Users Posts: 109
    It shows less damage.
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  • alaskantsunamialaskantsunami Registered Users Posts: 421
    Dark, dark, dark! In theory, with my skin tone I can't wear brilliant shades of like red, but with the contrast between my hair and eyes it works out so that I can wear those rich colors and still get away with it. Think Penelope Cruz.
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