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CantWaitToBeNaturalCantWaitToBeNatural Registered Users Posts: 3
Yesterday I tried the two strand twist out and it looks a hot mess!! Someone tell me what i am doing wrong please!! I am one month into my transition. I guess i really dont know what to use for the style itself..Setting lotion or gel or what..any help would be greatly appreciated...My hair has some curls but it just looks frizzy..:sad7:. .I am trying not to get discouraged but i have never been too good with styling my own hair...I wont give up though and will keep trying..Thanks for your help


  • YansaYansa Registered Users Posts: 60
    Hi! Also about a month into my transition.

    I want to say that twisting is a good way to create a more elongated pattern on totally natural hair, but is kind of hit or miss on chemically treated hair. It doesn't create enough of a curl pattern, is why. Your relaxed hair has little to no curl, so what you really want to try to do as a transitioner with mostly relaxed (straight) hair, is create curl. Not elongate, or otherwise alter, a curl that is already there.

    You may want to try braiding as opposed to twisting. And you may want to do it wet. That way you are really setting your hair, into a pattern of wave with braids.
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    I agree with Yansa. Braid-outs are the best when your hair is mostly relaxed. I had to use something to set them with in order for them to last throughout the day. Rolling the ends keeps the braids from unraveling and adds curls to them as well which adds to the look once the braids are taken down.
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    Although you want to treat your hair like it is all natural while transitioning, at this point you have way more relaxed hair than natural.... twist outs on relaxed ends do not look as good But, if you flat twist and roll then ends it will look good or like other posters have said, if you braid and roll the ends it will look good!

    Don't get discouraged, just be patient with your hair and continue to work with it! You will find styles that you will love while transitioning!

    I personally also like using flexirods to curl the hair and strawsets are good too, they just take a long time!
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  • aprilj90aprilj90 Registered Users Posts: 17
    I don't have much new growth either and here is what works for me.

    1) Get a spray bottle and add water and conditioner.

    2) Spray your dry hair and then seal. I seal with EVOO

    3). Flat twist your hair and secure the ends with rollers ( I normally do about 5-7 twists but you can do what you think looks best)

    4). Keep the twists in until they're completely dry. I normally do mine in the middle of the day when I know I don't have to go anywhere lol and then just keep them in until that next morning

    5) After taking down the twists, I put EVOO on my hands and then fluff it out. I find doing that adds more shine and controls the frizz.

    I really hope that helps. This is my 2nd time transitioning and I know how painful it is not having a style that works just because of those relaxed ends
  • AfroBabyAfroBaby Registered Users Posts: 52
    I've been transitioning for 6 months, and for the first 5 I could get away with wash and gos if I diffused the ends. Now it seems like my relaxed ends are getting straighter! Not sure what's up up with that, but I've had to try some transitioning styles to make it more presentable.

    I loved the look of a strawset, and got tons of complements on it. Even though my hair was obviously way curlier than usual, everyone thought it was my natural curl! It lasted for a week each time, but was time consuming to do, and for some reason my ends ended up super dry after.

    I tried a twist out too, but had a similar experience in that it did NOT work out for me. Tried a flat twist out today with bantu knots on the ends and that worked out well though!!

    Thinking of putting in my own kinky twists over the holidays for a styling break.
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  • AfroBabyAfroBaby Registered Users Posts: 52
    Oh, and for the flat twists I ended up wetting my hair with conditioner/water mix, put a bit of coconut oil and a little mango butter on them. They look moisturized and relatively frizz free.
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  • LaVarazLaVaraz Registered Users Posts: 14
    Don't get discouraged yet. One thing that I have learned from reading the boards so far is that it takes time and experimenting to get to know your hair. The results of my first twist-out were not at good as some of those I have seen online, but I know it will get better.

    Try to be patient, and good luck in your transition.
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