Tried co-wash for 1st time and HATE it!

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I got California Baby Calming Conditioner and have used it 2x on my daughter's hair after shampooing or lo-pooing so far (used a silicone by accident (in my argan oil!) one time, so had to 'poo, the other time was after swimming).

Liked it ok as a rinse-out/leave some in condit. My 3-yr-old's hair curled up a little more than usual, but def. didn't seem as moisturized, or as shiny and boingy, as with our previous Nexxus Humectress (which is full of 'cones).

Tried it tonight as a co-wash, rinsed, then left some in. I had such high hopes. Her hair is curly, but looks dull, is tangly, and just looks and feels *dirty.* I don't like it at all!!

Thoughts? What next? :(


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    Here are a few pics of what her hair looks like now (since the avatar is from last winter- when her hair was curlier and much more moisturized/shiny/boingy) I don't know what to call it, 2 or 3 or what. :) It's fairly thick but very fine and easily weighed down now.

    The back/top are straightening w/time, and back is more loose waves now than even in this Sept. pic (drier/colder weather now?)


    This shows the ringlets and corkscrews in the front

    Dryness and flyaway-ness
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    based on your pics, our daughters might be hair twins! i really don't think that her hair looks dry and/or frizzy in the last pics. when i used california baby calming conditioner on my little one (which is the exact product i need to start using on her again, so thanks for reminding me!) i would also use curl keeper over it so boost the shine and eliminate frizz.

    during the warmer months i had a ton of success with kinky curly knot today and curling custard. but now that it's cooler i'm in search of a heavier more moisturizing leave in (which is why i said thanks for reminding me about the cb conditioner). her hair is loosing it's curls as well, so maybe it is a humidity/dew point thing. yesterday it was completely straight and only the last inch or two curled. :(
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    So subbrock, would you say the KCKT is less moisturizing than the Calif. Baby? It was one of the things I have been thinking about trying next.

    Honestly, I loooooove the way her hair feels and looks right after using the Nexxus Humectress that we've always used til now. It just has so many cones. I'm thinking about looking for a sulfate or low-poo shampoo known to be gentle but that will remove each of the cones, so I can keep using the Humectress... :)

    (but then, I really would like to find an all-natural conditioner that works as well.)
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    hmmm, that's a tough call. i'd say for where we live and at this time of year (we live in NC, so it's not hot but it's not arctic temps either) KCKT isnt doing the trick. but in warmer months, it has been perfect.

    my daughter's hair does really well with the cone laden conditioners too but her skin breaks out from all the chemicals in it. i used herbal essences hydralicous conditioner as a co wash and as a leave in yesterday and it made her hair feel great, but i know if i use it more than once or twice, she's going to break out in a rash. so i need to find a more natural alternative.
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    Your daughter's hair reminds me of mine!

    I don't know what to tell you about a conditioner for conditioning/leave in, but I do know that if I use my conditioner-conditioner as my co-wash, it's horrible. My hair always gets icky. I find I need to use a very light conditioner (one that would never ever work for actual conditioning!) like Suave naturals. Actually only Suave naturals. Try the green apple - yum!
    Then I use a heavier conditioner for conditioning.

    Remember, CG is a process! Sometimes people's hair looks worse at first... stick with it!
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    I agree try the cheaper Suave or VO5 ones. Thin them even a little bit if you need to. I think a thicker conditioner like I suspect the California Baby isn't going to Co wash too well.

    I did a cowash of Suave Pomegranate on my daughter's silky(thinnish) straight hair the other night last night it was good and she skipped bath. It still looks and feels great today and she says no itchies(she didn't ever have them really otherwise though). I may do another clarify this week with Suave Pomegranate I got to have around for this case(we have quite hard water) as she was using Suave Kids Natruals 2in1 lavender head to toe but it has a cone in it as well as sulfate so there may be some 'cone' in her hair still.

    I'm lurking around here because I'd like to be informed. I wand to foster and or adopt. Some options may include ethnic hair and I just want to keep my ears open for what is safe to use on kiddos. Its my dream to adopt a little girl from Haiti one day. I have some finances to get in order first. I'm leaning towards Haiti because they are one of few that allows adoption to single mothers. Or at least the "did". I was babysitting a baby that was multiracial and she had got so covered in paints that I just stripped her down and bathed her over trying to wash her up. She had it in her hair and everything. I felt so bad that I didn't know what to do with her hair. It was short and really corkscrew ish. I just washed with baby shampoo and conditioned it and sorta ran my fingers over it. It sure didn't really need combed. She had great hair though.
    2b/2c newbie CG
    routine(loosely as I learn what works):
    cowash: Suave Naturals Pomegranate
    lowpoo: Jason tea tree oil(once a week as needed)
    RO: Giovanni TTTT(will use the Suave 2nd time if the tea tree gets drying)
    :love4: Giovanni leave in & coconut oil

    Finally found what stops the itch and flaking, Neutrogena TGel, too bad its not SLS free :sad10:

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