TOM and No Poo?

MomsL8MomsL8 Registered Users Posts: 48
Ok - is it just me?

When on TOM, I feel I get oiler, and with the addition of some products, my curl/waves hang more during this time.

Anything you've noticed about this time or done to alleviate that?
Jill in St. Louis, MO
2c/some 3a - VERY iii, coarse, oily scalp tendency - porosity? high
Certified PJ!
Daily Routine:
Every other day - Co Wash - CJ DF
Cleanse: DC LP every 3rd day, CJ CF then
Condish: CJ Strengthening or Smoothing
Blot w/ Curl Cloth
LI: CJ BCLI or SL or CR or H&B
Style - CJ CCCC/lite, SS CEJ, CJ AF/lite/CQ & diffuse w/ clips @ crown - Pixie & DevaFuser w SIF
2nd Day Hair: spritz w/ Mr. Right & CJ CIAB
DT - 1x/week, DC HIH/JCWDT

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