Henna for the first time

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I'm going to henna my hair for the first time this weekend. I'm very excited:p! I have done the strand test, and it was perfect! My hair gets darker in the winter and lighter and the summer, which I prefer. The henna gives my hair the summer color! Whoo Hoo! Anyways, I have a few questions on cleaning up the henna. I have heard it will stain my tub once i rinse. Is this true? Is there anything I can use to prevent this? Also, I know it stains hands, but will it stain other body parts, (ie. face, neck, ears)?

Thank You


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    anything it sits on for longer than a few seconds to a minute will stain... the longer it sits, the darker (and longer lasting) the stain will be. I usually just clean up my ears/neck/face after I'm done doing my hair. It'll stain a tiny bit orange but within a day it's gone and makeup will cover it up in the mean time so no biggie.

    I've never had it stain my tub/shower just while I'm rinsing. Be sure to wash it all down the drain when you're done though, I'm sure if it sits it'll end up staining.
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    Thank you much!
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    yeah...when I rinsed I remember the tub being COVERED in dye and I was worried. But i cleaned it right away and it was fine, didn't stain at all. I don't remember anything else being permanently stained but I did put newspapers on the floor and a towel wrapped tightly around me. It gets real messy :)
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    thanks. i'll be sure to get some newspaper
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    lysol with bleach works great on my tub-i think it's older and i rent, so when i saw orange stains i freakd, but the bleach take sit right out:)
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