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I'm starting to transition back to natural. However my baby girl (kindergardener) has thick course 3a waist length hair. How do you fit in co washes, styling, air drying, etc into every day life?
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    my little girl just started preschool this year and we've been dealing with the same situation. i've always shampooed her hair w/ a sulfate shampoo at the beginning of the week (either sunday or monday) and then do co washes the rest week. i co wash every other day because that's when i bathe her. i also try to bather her in the evenings so she doesn't have to go to school with wet hair.

    i did break down and buy a blow dryer witha diffuser for the rare times i do bathe her in the morning before school. i just diffues it enough to knock the drippies off. she prefers to wear her hair up, so i keep a spray bottle that has water + a bit of conditioner handy and spritz her hair to detangle and style. i do simple styles that's all i know how to do!) most of the time--ponytails, pigtails, french braid, etc. on her and i've found it really helps with keeping her 3a/b curls tangle free. as her hair approached waist length, braiding or twisting the ponytails was a must or else it is a nightmare to detangle. on the days that she does wear her hair down, i just spritz it with the spray bottle so it's wet enough for her curls to be revived, but not soaking wet. then i add what ever styling products i plan on using. usually by the time we walk out of the door her hair is dry.

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