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For those of you that have read my posts, know I've been having major issues with the low dews. I'm still patiently awaiting my CQ & BCLI.

I decided to walk on the wild side tonight. Put a ton of olive oil in my hair & wrapped it up. Left it in while I worked out & cooked off some lunches, etc. Probably about 1 1\2 hr.

Then I did a sulfite wash with redken curls, then my normal LI of Tresemme naturals while I washed, shaved etc. Out of the shower I lightly wrapped in my curly girl towel while I put on lotion. Took it down, lightly used the wide tooth comb, then raked in nearly 2 quarters amout of my LI (Tresemme as well), scrunched in about a dime of CIAB, then about 5 spritzes of HESMU. The last 3 I've been using, so Im chalking it up to the olive oil, the sulfite wash or both of them together.

My hair looks wet right now, but that's because it's super clumpy, shiny & healthy looking. I would say it's about 98% dry & I have super tight curls (w\no frizz).

Just when I was about to hack it off:)!
[SIGPIC][/SIGPIC]properties-3 a\b, very fine, medium density, normal porosity, normal elasticity
low poo- GTT, 50\50 or whatever I have at hand
RO- CJBCS, TNVC, Suave Coco
Stylers-FSG & BRHG
PT (twice a week)-CJRM, Ion Reconstructor, SSPT

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