I NEED YOUR HELP: curlies 25 and under write a post for a curly teen blog

naturallychelseanaturallychelsea Registered Users Posts: 100
I would love to create a blog just for us curly teens to deal with the day to day problems we face. However, I need your help. What would you like to see featured on the site, leave your suggestions below or email me @ [email protected]

Also, I would love to get some posts from you guys. Posts needed are:
~ inspirational hair stories (including pictures of course)

~how you dealt with negative comments from parents, peers etc

~how to videos or pictorials on styling or methods etc

~Ask a fellow curly questions ask questions you would like to be addressed by me or other curlies

~curly debates: posts about hot topics which are relevant to the younger generation, natural hair or african americans to make us aware and to allow us to discuss.

~how to be a budget curly

~anything else you deem relevant for this site

~I BCd or I am transitioning stories with questions for guidlines:
-how long have you been natural transitioning
-did you big chop or transition? Why? How was your experience?
-if BCd: how did you maintain moisture?
how did you style your hair
if transitioned: how did you maintain moisture
how did you care for your fragile hair
did you experience breakage if so how did you handle it

-why did you go natural or why are you transitioning?
-what is your current regimen?
-what are your hair goals and how do you plan to meet them?
-have you been met with adversity and how did you face it?

email: [email protected]



  • Precious CurlsPrecious Curls Registered Users Posts: 448
    I emailed you, naturallychelsea, but I do love natural blogs that have hair-spiration posts, where they post a picture of a natural model, celebrity, or someone rocking natural tresses. It's a great way to inspire your followers and even yourself.

    Would love to share my story as well :) HTH
  • naturallychelseanaturallychelsea Registered Users Posts: 100
    feel free to email you your story with a few pics

  • naturallychelseanaturallychelsea Registered Users Posts: 100

  • NoodleHead14NoodleHead14 Registered Users Posts: 38
    Ummm, well. I'm fourteen and still going through...basically what most curlies deal with and that is hating my hair, atm :cry:. I'd love to read the "Curly teen blog" but I wouldn't have any stories and stuff to post :sad1:
  • naturallychelseanaturallychelsea Registered Users Posts: 100
    I solemnly promise to have the site up and running with a link here before christmas.

    But in response to your post what is troubling you. I would love to post something that would address your issues so PM me hun. Also the site will also have a forum so you'll be able to commune with other curlies your age.

    Please PM me, this site is for young ladies like you so tell me whats what and I'll see what I can do.


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