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Great to see Anne Hathaway with awesome curls in the movie

YouTube - Love and Other Drugs Movie Trailer Official (HD)

was wondering what products were used while I was watching the movie!!
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2c wavy w/curls if there isnt.
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Jessicurl styling in summer
Natures Gate poo & condish
Thank you NC for bringing me back to curly!


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    I know my friend & I saw the movie & we couldn't stop talking about how pretty her hair was. But I have no idea how she styled it.
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    (+I have a lot of hair & it's thick)
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    I can't wait to see this movie. Her hair being one of the reasons. It looks so pretty in this flick.
  • BLBBLB Posts: 268Registered Users
    Does anyone think this might be a wig? The wigs/techniques used on a film are insanely real looking, and I saw a pic of Anne this summer with a pixie cut that everyone (in my office) thought was real. LOL, i don't know why I analyzed this, but I watched the trailer and then looked up pictures to examine her hair! It seems to have an occasional wave, but I didn't find any curly pics. I don't know...maybe I'm just trying to justify my curly hair not looking as nice :tongue10:
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    I didn't look around the site but looks kinda curly/wavy here too
    ANNE HATHAWAY CURLY HAIR, pictures, photo, pic, photograph

    I love her hair in the preview, I'm going to have to catch the movie now
    Low porosity, medium texture.

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  • CurlyLinZeeCurlyLinZee Curl Neophyte Posts: 462Registered Users Curl Neophyte
    Saw it yesterday. Her hair looked real to me, but then--you're right, some wigs do look pretty real. At any rate, I was's so long, full, and curly. I'd say her hair is her best feature. She looks gorgeous in that flick.
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    Probably not a wig, but could be extensions. And I'd bet its curled with an iron. Still looks awesome though!
    That's me with FSG as my styler!!

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    Saw it yesterday. Her hair looked real to me, but then--you're right, some wigs do look pretty real.
    Oh, goodness yes! If anyone's looked at an orthodox Jewish family and seen the mother with all of her hair showing, it's a most likely a sheitel, or a wig. Many of them are phenomenally realistic looking and it makes me wish I could afford one for my bad hair days (but they usually cost about $3000 for a good one)!
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    TRYING to grow it out- maybe softer water and going almost strictly CG will help!

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