my hair wont hold my waves

so i usually have really loose waves as i do a massive twist or sometimes braid my hair when its wet.. i tried something different by actually turning upside down and putting my hair in a bun to create volume.. when it dried i sotc and let it out, it was perfect, the way i wanted it... then it just went flat again.. my hair always ends up looking like my picture, like nicole scherzinger long loose waves.. i dont mind it i'd just want to know how to have a bit more volume on the top without it going flat..

also is it normal for 2nd day hair to be better than first?? my hair looks so awesome when ive slept and then woken up, less frizzy, more tousled waves!!

Totally Loving My New Hair! :toothy8:

Waist Length Black 2b-2c Hair, Thick, Coarse. Normal Porosity. Slight Protein Sensitive.


  • SpaghettiHeadSpaghettiHead Posts: 1,510Registered Users
    If that's the hair you have, I am sooo jealous.

    Have you tried using deva type clips to clip it up when it's wet to dry with more volume on top? What kind of products are you using? Have you tried mousse? It always gives me tons of volume.....
  • guanacaxlatinaguanacaxlatina Posts: 69Registered Users
    i use garnier fructis 24hr endurance gel, i have used mousse in the past and that does nothing to my hair, and i do use clips but not those types.. i live in aus so its expensive to get stuff sent here especially around xmas..

    id like to get my hair to get its waves around the canopy of my head instead of from near my neck.. kind of how vanessa hudgens hair looks when its wavy, her hair would probably be closer to mine as its actually naturally wavy where nicoles is pin straight..

    this is my routine:
    low-poo - gaia baby shampoo (every 2nd wash)
    co-wash- tresseme naturals silicone free condish
    rinse - garnier triple nourishment conditioner
    leave in - rake tresseme naturals condish/coconut oil
    styling - garnier 24h endurance gel with bamboo

    i also air dry, i dont have a blow dryer yet, i usually twist my wet hair into a bun at the back of my hair, braid it till its dry or just recently flipped my hair upside down and put the twist in it as well..

    when i used clips my hair looked really funny, kind of like volume at the scalp and then straight and then wavy.. if i use a 'lighter hold' gel my hair wont react well with it, its very coarse and thick..
    Totally Loving My New Hair! :toothy8:

    Waist Length Black 2b-2c Hair, Thick, Coarse. Normal Porosity. Slight Protein Sensitive.

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