Over conditioned or Too much protein?

How do you guys tell the difference, and what do you do to counter either or. I know you need the right balance of both, but i would like to know what do YOU guys use/do specfically?

Ive looked up both with the search option, and have come up with a few results, id just like some elaboration (:

me: my hair is super soft, but doesnt clump as usual, and has little to NO curls but MAJOR frizz. pretty sure thats over conditioned.

so curlies, what do you do? and how do yah do it? :D


  • pedahehpedaheh Posts: 4,812Registered Users Curl Neophyte
    Here are two helpful links on the subject.
    Page 5 in this article has info on diagnosing hair.
    The Fine Art of Protein and Moisture Balancing for Black Hair Care - Associated Content from Yahoo! - associatedcontent.com
    This blog post has pics of too much moisture or too much protein.
    Protein vs Moisture « Pittsburgh Curly
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  • kathymackkathymack Posts: 9,999Registered Users Curl Neophyte
    The easy answer is that over conditioned is soft and frizzy, too much protein is hard and frizzy. It's a little more complicated. You'll learn more as you read more.
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    Yeah, i think it may be the cationic surfactant in GVP balm. i definately over did it. and i think suave naturals has em too, which explains why it made my hair soft and frizzy. I will definately keep on reading on how/if you can get around this

    wow ty for link pedaheh! it was super helpful
    and ty kath, that really helped also! very simplified, and straightforward
    im definately on moisture OD! :laughing6:

    i was also thinking bout doing acv rinses between rinse out and leave in.
    it helped with frizz before, but i ran out.

    thanks for replies! was really starting to freak
  • LogyLogy Posts: 156Registered Users Curl Neophyte
    thanks for the link to Pittsburgh CG. Her over proteined hair looked just like mine. Will be doing SSDD treatment tonight.
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