Back to the CG way :D


Months ago..seems like forever ago.. I stopped following my CG rules...the brazilian blowout was just too 2 brazilian blowouts and hundreds..again HUNDREDS of dollars later Ive decided I need to be back on this site haha.. my last brazilian blowout wore off a few months ago..and i guess i just got lazy..started using just any products, no DTS ever, SHAMPOO!:crybaby:(not everyday but way too often), drying my hair with a towel...just basically been doing everything wrong. I mustve lost my mind or hair just doesnt look or feel as well as it did when i i did my clarifying shampoo...pulled out my old products from under the sink:blob8: GVP cond balm, KCKT and KCCC:blob8:..Im soo excited!!! Doing a DT right now..think i might leave it in overnight..cant wait to start reading around the forum:iconbiggrin:..EXCITED:iconbiggrin:...just wanted to say hello to everyone and give the heads up that i might start asking a bunch of questions as i get back in the swing of things :happy7:


  • SpaghettiHeadSpaghettiHead Posts: 1,510Registered Users
    Welcome back!! I too did the same thing you did (minus the brazillian) three years and a lot of flatironing later, I came back to cg. My hair is thanking me. :) Yours will too.

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