New Long-Term Transitioner !

So recently i made a snap decision to go BACK natural. I started getting relaxers when I got older not knowing how to maintain my own natural hair texture {4a], without having to constantly flat iron, or hot comb my hair. I finally gotten a relaxer and soon started overprocessing my hair. Noticing my once thick hair, shedding overwhelmingly. Although my hair is long in length, somewhat see-through ends are very unattractive to me! So I realized that I could simply change what I didn't love, and that change would be to eliminate relaxers, and be thankful for my kinks! With that being said, being a transitioner is a PAIIIN!! Since I'm very new at it (only 2 inches of new growth so far), it's very difficult to work with the two different textures!

GETTING STRAIGHT TO THE POINT: While I am a long-term transitioner my plan was to learn to take care of my hair, researching as much as i can and learn different styles and techniques that could be used when I go completely natrual. It's very difficult to work with two very different textures, while the roots are thick and curly, and the ends a straight and thin, Do anyone have ANY tips of cute protective hairstyles, and night regimens to make your protective styles last? Any products, or hair tools? Thanks !


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