Clueless and need major help with my hair

I am fairly new to naturally curly. I have been using the Deva products for about 6-8 months now and am starting to realize that I can have awesome curls with other products. I just don't know where to get started and how to know what works, etc.

I am pretty clueless about what to do for my hair as I usually hated my curls until I tried Deva. I'm pretty sure I have a mixture of in the curls frizz and frizzy tubes. My hair is shoulder length, thick hair, 3b curls.

Here is my daily routine: Deva noo poo 2-3 times a week, Nexxus Emergencee once a week (i dont poo on those days), then deva one condition. I have recently started using it as a leave in also until I find a good one (any suggestions?). I then use arc angell with set it free. Scrunch dry with paper towels and then I let air dry if I can or else I diffuse my hair.

When I use the Nexxus, my hair still feels dry and straw like when I rinse. I usually leave in for 5-10 minutes while in the shower. Any suggestions on a good DT? What should it feel like when rinsing out? I have also been considering a PT? How do I know if my hair will like protein or needs protein? What are some PT's out there I can try? Am I even using this product right?

I don't really like the Deva no poo. I don't feel like it cleans my scalp at all so I am probably going to try JessiCurl hair cleansing cream. Is this a good cleansing and hydrating poo? Another other sulfate free suggestions? If I like it, I may also try out their Too Shea Conditioner. I am also going to sample some Curl Keeper. I have read the reviews and it seems like it could be an amazing product.

I have read some about people having their hair weighed down? Is this good or bad and how do you know if products are weighing down your hair?

I know I am asking for a lot of help, but I am just getting so frustrated with my hair and the frizz. Any help at all would be greatly appreciated! I am also on a tight budget, as awesome as the expensive products are, I can only stick to ones under $20. Thanks again! I absolutely love this site and the things I have learned about curly hair!


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    Many of us start out with Deva. Then realize we can get better hair with other products. Jessicurl was the second line I tried. My hair was limp and lifeless in a week. You may want to check out Curl Junkie. The products are around your $20 range--and many of them are 12 oz. The CJ Daily Fix Cleansing Conditioner may be just the product for you. I'm not a cowasher, but I try to use it every few weeks for it's chelating properties. I take it to the salon when I get my haircut/highlight. They have Deva products, but I won't let them use them. I find the NoPoo very drying since the ingredients changed a little over a year ago.

    My hair prefers the more natural products like CJ, Spiral Solutions, Marie Dean, Komaza and Donna Marie.
    3a (Corkicelli), highlighted, fine, low porosity
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    Kathymack who posted above sells samples of hair products.:laughing3: Click on the fotki in her siggi. This way you can try before you buy.

    Nexxus emergencee is a PT. After you use it, it is normal for your hair to feel rough. If you do a DT after this should make your hair feel soft again.

    To get good product recommendations, it helps to know your hair's properties.
    Texture, thickness and curl pattern
    The Wavy Tales: How to classify your wavy hair
    Porosity and Curly Hair |

    You can do this on a budget. Everything but one in my siggi is under 5$.

    People who complain about their hair being weighed down usually have fine, thin hair. Their hair gets too heavy and looks limp. People with thick hair may want to weigh it down some so it isn't as big. (a blog to help new wavies, go to the how do I get started page)
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    The Deva no-poo has a lot of protein and the Nexxus Emergencee is a protein treatment, so you may have too much protein in the rotation.

    I didn't like the Deva No-poos at all but really like the DevaCare Low Poo, and the Curl Junkie Daily Fix mentioned previously; I use the Deva, though, 'cause it's $30 or so for a 32oz bottle, and I'm buying for more heads than just mine, it's a good "middle road". The Daily Fix is lovely, it just costs more so it's a treat not a standard in my house.

    And like Ped says, best course of action is to figure out your texture, porosity, and elasticity and what you want to accomplish, then try products based on those factors till you find something with the results you are looking for. Who knows, you might find that you can get EVERYTHING you need to take you from wash to style for just one of your $20 and have hair that looks & feels great.
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    Style: ReCoil & DevaCare Arc Angel (budget choices are HESMU or Got2BSpikedUp)


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