wth is going on!?

Okay, so my hair has officially spazzed out..
idk what it is, but my hair went from looking like my avatar, to not clumping up when it dries, and frizzy.

I moved from FL to GA, which is when this happened, but i also switched some things up with my routine.

Well, i was stuck in FL with only one bottle of mane n tail conditioner, and some LA looks sports gel, i used (which was my brothers). Since i couldnt take it on the plane, i took the opportunity to change conditioners now in GA.

So florida was co-wash, rinse out, and leave in all mane n tail (original) plus a few pea size drops of LA looks gel, WALLAH! i got the results in my avatar. The only problem was, by the time id been on 2nd-3rd day hair, itd feel dry, and in need of a rewashing(co) to get the moisture back.

Ga- New water? i have no idea if its the water, but i dont think it is. I started cowashing with suave coco, and rinse out/leave in with GVP balm, then gel. Another thing is, the tempature is like 40 degrees colder, maybe gel is no good now.

The first day i had new conditioner, i only had the suave nat, and the gel. so i tried that for my entire routine, and it made my hair FRIZZY. Even before the drying began, you could see all the fly aways, and in between frizz poofs(with soaking wet hair!). I dont think i like it, as much as i would (since its raved about). I do love the scent of VO5 soothing green tea, or w.e its called, ill try that..

So then, after i went to sally's i tried, suave, gvp, biotera curl creme, and then gel as a routine. It felt good for a few minutes but then it like soaked up and disappeared into my hair, leaving it feeling like there was little to nothing in it cept water. (lots of frizz again)

Gvp balm, makes my hair feel a lot better, and moisturized. But maybe its over moisturizing? But then again, i color process my hair(bleach and color) and its 40 degrees outside! Hard to think its over moisturized. Maybe since my hairs probably porous, moisture gets in, and slips right out, especially in this weather. Any advice in eeping moisture in?

The biotera curl creme, immediately made everything that was in my hair sort of 'dry up'. That mightve been the gel though... i put it in over leavein, and under gel then it all seemed to just 'soak up again'. i waited for it to dry cause i 'mightve' been over reacting. But i ended up unsatisfied with the results, so i rewashed my hair, leaving it out.

Is it the suave? GVP Balm? Curl creme? Gel?

I just cant pin point it.

I was thinking about going back to using mane n tail to cowash, and a mix of it and gvp for leave in, Since mane and tail doesnt have enough slip/moisture. That would seem to 'even' it out.

That however wouldnt solve my styling issues. Currently, 2nd day hair, with suave, gvp, and la looks... my curls are poorly defined, INCREDIBLY frizzy, and sorta stringy (i did layer on more gvp after everything was styled, cause after everything was in, it was all dry, so i just slapped some more on. and then gel over.. and then condish over.. and rewet). Im going to try washing with just gvp and then throwing in the curl creme.

Does anyone have any idea what could be wrong or suggestions?
I have a feeling its the suave, the gel in the winter.. as well as keeping moisture in. Anyone know how to help keep in moisture? And a good curl definer for winter, with medium hold and no crunch, and leaves hair soft?

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