I can't figure out my hair type!

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I guess I have a combination? Its course like type 2 hair.. but has the curls of a type 3 B. Anyone else? Maybe this is why i'm having trouble finding a routine to suite me?
I've been doing no poo/low poo for over a year now and I think i'm at the point where i'm fed up with it..Im thinking about starting to wash/condish/ use cones again for awhile to see what it does. It just seems like my hair has lost the pretty curl pattern and just hangs lifeless now!
I've also been growing my hair out and now its a bit past my shoulders and i'm wondering if its just too long and I need to get it cut. I've always wanted to have really long hair but it seems like it never wants to grow past a certain point. Has anyone else expereienced this too?

I dont really know what i'm asking... just asking for the miracle hair routine and haircut!!! :toothy5:
Thanks for any feedback.


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    Hey there! Have you determined your hair's properties yet (texture, elasticity, porosity)? More than anything else, these three things will help you determine the best products and routines for your hair. Your curl pattern (2A, 3B, whatever) is a visual identifier only and is pretty much useless in determining what will work best with your hair. If your hair is losing its curl, knowing what to do for it depends on knowing its texture - if it's fine, it may need more protein. If it's medium or coarse, it may need moisture. I think that if you don't know your properties (you don't have them listed, so I'm guessing you may not know), that is the number one place to start.

    If you need help getting started with properties, check out livecurlylivefree.com, a website started by a curly-hair expert who posts here as Struttswife. There's a ton of useful info regarding hair properties. Via that site, you can also purchase her e-book, which has even more info, and even get information on sending hair samples off for analysis if you can't figure out the properties on your own.

    You can also do a forum search here for texture, porosity, and elasticity and you will find an absolute ton of great information!
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