Hot oil they have to be organic?

If I wash my hair with shampoos that are sulfate free, co wash with vo5, and use products that have no silicones...when I do a hot oil treatment, do the oils have to be organic? Or can I just use non organic oils? Will I have to wash my hair with a sulfate shampoo after?
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Co-Wash: Suave Tropical Coconut
D.T: CJ Curl Rehab
L.I: CJ BC; KCKT; Alba Botanica Fragrance Free
Styler: KCCC; L.A Looks Sports; Alba Botanica Fragrance Free Strong Hold Gel
Pomade: Kinky Curly Gloss Pomade
P.T: CJ Curl Fix
Scalp Moisturizer: Shea Butter


  • KrystleHimeKrystleHime Registered Users Posts: 28
    just be sure that when you buy an oil, it's 100% of the plant, and not some thicknening agent or perfume or alcoloh added.
    personnaly for me it doesn't have to have a "organic certification", I bought my shea butter at a savanna market in ivory coast. who cares about green manure and ecocert certification there? lol

    just be sure it's 100% of the plant and not something mixed.
  • pinkwolfpinkwolf Registered Users Posts: 430 Curl Novice
    I notice difference when I don't use organic oils for my hot oil treatments. A staple of mine is Spectrum Organic coconut oil for hair & skin. I looove this!
    *Natural 3C/TWA* :toothy7:
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    Conditioner: Garnier WB Honey Treasures
    , Garnier WB Apple & Green Tea
    Pre-Poo: Oils & Honey Mix
    DC: Garnier WB Honey Treasures Mask, SM 10-N-1

    PT: Super Mayo Deep Conditioning Treatment
    Leave-In: KCKT
    Whipped Shea Butter
    EVCO, Jojoba
  • SailaSaila Registered Users Posts: 1,212 Curl Neophyte

    just be sure it's 100% of the plant and not something mixed.
    That's really the key. It doesn't need any fancy certifications as long as it is just pure oil. At the same time though, the organic label guarantees quality. You might be taking a gamble otherwise. My organic oils feel a lot less "greasy" than non-organic oils. They also seem to absorb a lot faster and leave less residue. It may be because they are from different plants though.

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