Newbie starting CG today =]

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Hi Everyone :)

So this is a little bit about my hair history...

I shampooed my hair with sulfate shampoo and conditioned with silicone conditioner for about two years everyday. My hair was amazingly curly and shiny the whole time! Until about a month ago. My family and I went to visit my grandparents in Calgary, the climate there is is very dry and the water is hard and filled with chlorine. I stuck to my usual routine, big mistake.

So after weeks of trying to get my hair back to normal I've decided to start CG. I did my last sulfate shampoo yesterday, and my first co-wash this morning. So far my hair is a lot curlier than usual but there is this big halo of frizz around my head and my roots look a bit greasy. Is this normal?


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    Totally normal! Your hair looks frizzier because you are not masking the frizz with silicones. You will also most likely go through an adjustment period, where your hair will be greasier than it usually is. This happens to almost everyone because your scalp has to get used to producing less oil. Because sulfates strip away natural oils and moisture, your hair produces a lot of oil -- a.k.a. enough to keep it lubricated until the next sulfate wash. Until your scalp gets used to the extra hydration you are giving it and starts producing less oil, it will be greasier than it normally is. So don't sweat it -- this happens to almost all newbie co-washers! :)
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