Didn't wash my face for two days, but...

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(not really by choice)

I didn't break out! I even applied more makeup the next day to cover up dark circles. I don't get it. I took a shower today, felt my face, and it felt smooth. Some of the zits I had before seemed less noticeable to touch as well. How'd this happen?

My usual routine is just to splash my face with cold water in the mornings, then toner, then moisturizer. At night, I remove makeup with Babyface (only on eyes) and wash with Angels on Bare Skin (both by Lush), then toner and moisturizer. Once a week, I'll use a mask. Two weeks ago, I added OCM and steaming to the routine.

Could the OCM be why my face feels okay right now? Or is this a sign that I'm washing my face too much and should lay off a bit? Because, if my face feels so good when not washed, maybe it needed the break.


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    idk...but I've had a similar experience. One of the few times my acne cleared up was when I lay in bed for 8 days with bronchitis. I was in high school but couldn't go. I don't ever recall getting up even to pee (but obviously I did) so I certainly wasn't washing my face.
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    What toner do you use? If it has any drying alcohols, maybe your face needed a break from those. I've had similar experiences and I think every once in a while my face just needs a break.
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    About a month ago I read a blog post by a woman who stopped washing her face. She had a new boyfriend and was embarrassed about her acne so she wore her make-up 24-7. She noticed her face was clearing up, so she decided to stop washing it and got good results. I can't find the original link I read, but it is called the caveman regimin on acne.org.
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