Pregnancy test question- please help

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I may be pregnant. How accurate are the blood tests in determining how far along you are?

I'm kinda really freaked out right now. I slept with 2 different guys 20 days apart. I really need to know how far along I am to determine who I need to talk to and how I plan on handling things.


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    i was hoping someone would drop by with some sort of positive answer for you before i threw my 2 cents in.

    blood tests are pretty much a guess, just like everything else. sometimes it's a good guess and sometimes it's a bad one. in my case, the blood test was a bad guess. i had one to determine whether or not i was actually still even pregnant. my hormone levels were increasing ever so slightly but it turns out the baby had already died.

    good luck and i hope you get things figured out.
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    An early ultrasound would be the best way to determine how far along you are. How far along do you think you'd be in each case, based on when you had sex? Remember it's +2 weeks. Is your cycle pretty regular? If so, how long is it and when was your last period?

    An ultrasound is still the best way to determine, and they're the most accurate the earlier you do it.
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    A blood test won't tell you anything other than positive really, beta levels can be all over the place in terms of the "norm".

    An ultrasound is used to date the pregnancy, most doctors do one at your first appt because people ovulate at all different times and the "two weeks from your last period" isn't all that accurate for a lot of people, myself included. I am an early ovulater (8-10 days into my period) and I know people who have ovulated as late as 20+ days into their cycle.

    Did you take a store pee on a stick test? That should tell you with 99.9% accuracy if you are pregnant, then just do the basic math from when your last period is and get an idea of when you ovulated. It isn't really that hard to figure out a window, but peeing on a stick is the easiest way to just find out if you are even pregnant.

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