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I'm just curious...how would this work? I really want to give up shampoo (I haven't used it in a week and my hair is sooo happy) but can cowashing remove the buildup of KCCC? Also is it still necessary to deep condition when if cowashing regularly? Am I to understand that an ACV rinse will remove product buildup (I'm not using any cones anymore) and can take the place of shampoo? I'm really confused and I"ve been reading so much that I'm overwhelmed!


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    I use KCCC regularly and can remove it with co-washing.

    Deep conditioning isn't necessary; it really depends on your hair. You may find that your hair isn't as dry with co-washing as it would be with shampoo, so a DT wouldn't be necessary as often. For example, I have porous hair that loses moisture easily. It's not as dry as it would be with shampooing regularly, but there are times (especially during winter) when I still need to DT.

    ACV can remove some mild build-up (not silicones), fix over-conditioning, and close the cuticle. It's very acidic and the general recommendation is to only use it once or twice a month. I wouldn't think of it as a replacement for shampoo, per se. Your co-wash conditioner is going to be the shampoo replacement. The friction created by your fingers will help to remove mild build-up and cleanse the scalp.

    I hope that helps! It can be really confusing in the beginning, but soon it will be like second-nature. Good luck! :)
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    Thanks for your response! I'm just trying to figure things out and save $$ at the same time.

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