A solution for thin hair

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This might be long.
My rep in this forum isn't the best. It's because I'm blunt. If you say something silly I might call you on it. And I've raved about a product and had the forum admin email me asking me if I was a company rep. I don't work for any company that sells hair or any other product. But if I find something that I think is good I want to share it because I've learned so much from the ladies of this forum from 2A to 4D. So, here goes.
I have tried just about every product line out there. I have so much product that I went to Target and brought some shelving. I don't want it but I can't bring myself to throw it away. And out of all that product there are only a couple that I can say work for me. I'm supposed to be 4A. I look like 4A but my hair likes 3b3C products. I uses Curl keeper and AG recoil when I'm not trying to find my HG. In persuit of that HG while in the dentist office a couple of weeks ago I saw an ad for Living Proof. I went home and researched and it got rave reviews. I tried it. I was a hot mess. Yes, it did make my hair thicker but it was a nest. Sunday I tried it again. This time it worked. What I did differently is used a blowdryer. It was late and I didn't have time to wait for my hair to dry. My hair looked thcker then it has in years and I don't know why it was much longer. But again I blew it out.
I used small amounts of product. I justed 2 qtrs of my curl keeper, 1 qtr of AG recoil, I used 1 qtr of living proof thickener and I used 1 very small amount of living proof for curly hair on top. My hair curled right up really well. I let it sit for 10 minutes and proceed to blow dry. I didn't do it on sopping wet hair. The next monring it looked good but was a little hard . I pulled out the dryer and just blewmy hair around. It still felt a little hard so when I got home I put on some oil (less then nickel) and gloss pomade ( less then that). When I got up in the morning it was perfect. It wasn't hard anymore and it wasn't as big as it had been the first day. ( I like big hair and it was really big).
I don't have any pics and I'm not ging to post any. I got the products at Sephora and I got the kits. I got the thick kit and the straight kit and a got a bottl e of the curl definer. I did call the company because I wanted to know if I could use the thick with the curl definer. She said to use thick first and then the definer. They were helful so if interested you should call.
I don't work for living proof. But I know how it is when you have thin hair or when you hair is starting to thin with age. I know there are people on this forum who will start with the cones and all that jazz, not even knowing what a cone is. There is good science behind this product so you should read.

I'm sharing because it really worked. But for me a blow dryer was necessary. But it gave me big thick hair that was elongated. The long part could be just beause it had been a while since I blewmy hair out.
Good luck.

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