Bad Knee

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Back story, in high school I took weight lifting and I think the old school squatting stuff really messed up my knee.

Any-who, 4 years later I am in college, I used to run a lot (not a lot but I would do about 10+ miles a week) and my knee would sometimes ache, but not really.

So today I decided to do some work out videos and the squat part is KILLING my left knee, I just gave up and stopped doing them, because it hurts like a mother.

It's okay when I squat with both knees, but I can still feel it slightly in my left, but when I just do a side squat on my left knee it feels like my knee is going to explode or tear.

anyone else have similar issues?


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    First you have to define where it hurts. On the outside of the knee? In the joint itself?
    I would look up "runner's knee" aka patellofemoral syndrome/pain and see if that fits. It's common and responds to the correct kind of physical therapy.

    Also check out this physical therapist's blog and search for runner's knee, he has some great and novel info about it and a new E-book (I think) just about runner's knee.The View from Sports Center

    If the pain is elsewhere, like the inside of the knee, then there's the possibility of meniscus tears and fun things like that.

    Give it a break, maybe some ice or heat (whichever feels better) and whatever else you use for pain and do your research. Good luck.

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