No-poo Transformation (pics)

I've always wanted to post these pictures for people looking to go on the no-poo routine. I think I've come a long way with my hair. It started 5 years ago, when I did not have enough money to maintain short hair so I let it grow out. It grew into this mess:


I could not take the frizz, was very annoying. I was using all sorts of gunk and even straightening to control it. So one day, I jumped online and came across this website. I have to say, without this site I would not be where I am:


I'll always be curly/wavy from now on. No gunk, no straightening, as all natural as possible. Gotta love it!



  • miralalunamiralaluna Registered Users Posts: 168
    Great transformation :D You could also contribute these photos in the "before/after CG" thread:
    Fine texture (I think?!), normal porosity
    No 'poo since May 2007

    Current products (used only as & when required!):
    - Naked Sensitive Scalp conditioner
    - Shikakai powder
    - Jojoba oil

    My Fotki - pw: curlywhirly
  • wavymelwavymel Registered Users Posts: 34
    I'm new. Going no poo and want to enhance my natural curl(waviness more like it).

    You have gorgeous hair. Is that all right to say to man? Anyway it looks great.
    2b/2c newbie CG
    routine(loosely as I learn what works):
    cowash: Suave Naturals Pomegranate
    lowpoo: Jason tea tree oil(once a week as needed)
    RO: Giovanni TTTT(will use the Suave 2nd time if the tea tree gets drying)
    :love4: Giovanni leave in & coconut oil

    Finally found what stops the itch and flaking, Neutrogena TGel, too bad its not SLS free :sad10:

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