*Sigh* Back on the 'Cone wagon

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My hair was doing so nicely with the CG routine I had going and then I had highlights put in (I guess you could call them that) in an effort to blend the gray root line easier (cause I was tired of coloring) and I ruined my hair.

Truly ruined it ... or at least the bleached parts ... and the bleached parts go all the way through the body of my hair from gray root line to ends.

(does that make sense? Not just the canopy for like, highlights, but through all of my hair)

It's been six weeks and I'm tired of not being able to even get my fingers through my hair unless it's soaked with conditioner.

Right after it was bleached it was so bad it wouldn't even curl :sad2: but I've managed to condition it enough so that is coming back, somewhat. (Protein treatments, deep conditioning, butter treatments, moisturizing - I've done everything)

So the other night I bought some of the L'Oreal EverStrong conditioning masque and used it. It was a start. Bought the matching shampoo and conditioner and then the EverPure leave in.

Used them all and after two days of using the leave in I could get my fingers through my hair when it was dry. (I've only washed it once)

I feel so guilty about leaving the CG method in the dust but it wasn't working for me, not with as damaged as my hair is.

Somebody pat me on the back and tell me it's okay, please?
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    It's definitely okay. I'm sorry your highlights seem to have damaged your hair! I say, do whatever is best for the condition of your hair right now. And CG doesn't work the same for everyone, anyway.

    The EverStrong is SLS free, anyway. I think it might have some cones in it, but you're not putting harsh detergents on it.
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    Thanks. :)

    Yeah, I am staying SLS free, that is for sure, and I'm planning on sticking with easy to remove 'cones.

    I've just been preaching the CG method to some of my curly friends since I've adopted it and really feel bad that I can't continue with it.

    (They have noticed the radical difference in my hair and have commented/asked questions about it)
    2C, maybe
    Biolage Conditioning Balm
    Deva Curls One condition
    GF Triple Nutrition conditioner, deep conditioner and leave in spray
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    So sorry your hair got damaged. Just do whatever you need to do to feel better about your hair! There are plenty of modified CGers on this board - you're not alone and won't be kicked out!!
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    It's okay. I've been off the CG wagon for almost a year. I don't seek out products with cones and I use the ones I have judiciously. But I even use a serum, a product I never ever tthough I would use. I clarify with a sulfate-free shampoo.
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