Question for Michelle regarding Redken product !

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Hello !
I have a few questions about a Redken product you reviewed in the tools section.BTW it was called Redken Speed Control Styler and Treatment.I hope you can help me out !!

1. Was it all al crunchy ?
2. Did the drying time decrease ?
3. Using it alone what results would I get ? 4. Would it fight frizz all day long ?
5. Is it heavy ?
6. How much did you use ?

Thanks !!

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    One of the things I liked about the Redken product was it wasn't crunchy. It don't know whether it really speeded up the drying time because my hair takes so long to dry anyway.

    It took a little while to determine how much to use, but when I did, I found I got soft curls with no frizz. I find it works best if I comb my hair out and then make sure I apply it to small sections of hair to make sure they're well coated.

    Let me know how you like it.
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    Hey Michelle ,
    Well after postponing it for a looonnngg time,I finally broke down and bought it. Now I was wondering what the best combo would be. I have these products :

    -L'Oreal Anti-frizz

    -Herbal Essences leave in conditioner

    -Redken glass

    I don't know if I should use a leave in with it or put the Anti-frizz on before or after.

    Thanks !!!

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  • SystemSystem Posts: 39,060 Administrator
  • SystemSystem Posts: 39,060 Administrator
    Sorry it took so long to get back to you, Curly Gal. Anyway, I use it by itself. You may want to put a little of the leave-in conditioner in before you put it on and some of the Glass on afterward. But I didn't find I needed a lot of anything else.

    How are you liking it?

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    I am really liking it !! Thanks so much for the reply. I like how it's a leave in/styling product and it seems to moisturize my hair. I tried it today with my leave in , then Anti Frizz then the creme and it works pretty good. Thanks !!!

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