Major hair loss

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Hey everyone... I can`t say I`m new here because i`ve been lurking on this site for quite a while but had some problems with my username so I couldn`t post (sorry if my english is somewhat bad:) Anyways story is this ... Started CG on 15 June and have been ever since, but.. experienced major hair loss in these months, I use Garnier Fructis Volume Restructure with "no silicones/parabens"..
After doing co-wash ..I just noticed that my hair was so thin on my canopy and edges so I was caught searching all over for hydrogenated castor oil course I didn`t find what I was looking for so I tried 100 percent natural castor oil for nearly a month .... my hair was getting thicker ..but it was growing and falling out growing and falling out again ..hmm.... after a while I assumed I had build up from the castor oil, so by not thinking enough i did a ACV rinse and think that pretty messed up my CG... because after that I started loosing hair..again
I just don`t understand this.. do I have to go CG again now? :angry4: The itching has come back too....
All in all, I`m just so scared about the idea of going bald :pale:.........should I leave CG to rest? p.s. i`m only 19 yrs old .......Can someone help me with some ideas?


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    you should see a dermatologist maybe it as something to do with your scalp
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    Make sure not to apply products to scalp but just to the hair. If you apply to scalp only use products meant for scalp and hair nourishment.

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    Is getting conditioner on your scalp bad? How do you get your roots without touching your scalp?
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    The problem is dry scalp or chemical imbalance from not drinking enough water.

    Each hair follicle has it's own oil gland and if you put conditioner on it and that dries then your sending that hair strand to an early death.

    You should also try moisturizing the hair 2-3 times a day with water mixed with a light oil. The hair hates to be dry.

    Like a piece of lettuce, the more moist it is then the less prone it is to breakage.

    You can use conditioners that specifically say formulated for scalp. However, if you get your normal conditioner on the scalp then make sure to gently rinse the scalp and apply maybe a light virgin coconut oil.

    MAINLY us guys like to be rough while conditioning our hair...DONT BE ROUGH just take time in the shower to condition and never comb unless the hair has conditioner and is moist. That will minimize breakage too.

    Water from within will help get that hair to grow back luscious again. If your breakage is from the root then you need to add moisture within your body and not just on the dead hair strands.

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    Hey, just poppin in for my 2 cents. If you get conditioner on your scalp, or anything for that matter your scalp can't breathe. That wouldn't cause the shaft of the hair to break though. It would cause your hair to fall out from the root. When you put conditioner or styling cream on the scalp you're blocking your pores so nothing can get in..or out. When your hair is naked, it can breathe.

    I would second seeing a dermatologist because you might have something going on like a thyroid problem that could be causing your hair to break off. Or if you're on any medications I would look into the side effects. Good luck.

    Oh, and just rub the conditioner on your roots but don't massage it into your scalp. Don't put your hand on your head like a spider and massage in like you would your shampoo. You should do that with your shampoo so you're removing the buildup from the products your removing but think of putting the conditioner on like smoothing down the shaft. NEVER slather it on your scalp.
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    Trust me you don't wanna get a lot of conditioner on your scalp...I did and had major mom spent 2 hours scraping building from my scalp when I started growing my hair out. I would also check your diet too for any changes and also stress. My hair is naturally thin in the front and started to thin even more when I use to wear my hair pulled back all the time. Unless you are older I don't think you have a baldness problem..I think its more environmental..either something you are using, or they way you or using it, or something going wrong in your body.

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    ? Wha....?

    It's impossible for me to not get conditioner on my scalp. It runs down my neck, gets on my shoulders, etc. I co-wash and according to what I've read and the videos I've seen, you are always going to get conditioner on your scalp. How could you possibly not?

    As far as the hair loss goes, I'd see a Doctor to rule out any medical causes.
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    I guess it's needed to say always rinse the scalp well. I used to not care and then people started saying I had dandruff. It was the conditioner that dried out on my scalp so I guess it's one of those things that doesn't affect everyone.

    I also read on some boards that the conditioner can dry out the hair follicle.
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    You know honestly, my hair is freaking out right now and I didn't notice this until after I started doing that TCM method. I don't know why it's doing this but I have to say that I noticed after I started leaving conditioner on afterwards. It used to be low-porosity but now it's porous as all get-up. Where did you read that Princeton? Because how can one person say it can dry out your hair follicle then recommend to keep it on as a moisturizer? If you could, please send the link. I think some people can suffer from too much conditioner but I'd like to read why. I think I'm one of those people.
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    There was a new article posted to that discusses porosity, humectants, and frizz.

    In a nutshell it seems the rising heat and high dew points won't allow your colder weather products to work so you have to transition.

    Remember heat is rising and heat naturally opens the cuticle....humectants draw water/humidity out of air and into the hair which swells up the follicle so you might be better in hotter weather to either go heavier on oils OR higher on humectants and slightly lower on moisturizers.

    It's like now we have to learn to use the moisture in the air instead of artificially adding it in.



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    Also, I read that article about 20 years ago when hair care products were slightly different and conditioners were not targeted quite toward healthifying the hair and scalp as they are today.

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    @DrawingWithWords I found a similar article online but you'll have to read a lot to get to the part about dead hair follicles or whatever


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    good info!! Man I've been noticing high shedding, all shedding no breakage from roots, since going CG. I though cowashing, meant also washing the scalp with conditioner and I've been daily putting conditioner on my scalp, directly and massaging it in> YIKES!! Hopefully I can get a grip on this before I notice hair thinning. I like to keep my hair clean as I go to the gym DAILY and have PCOS, so more oil production. What could I use on my scalp DAILY to keep it clean, but not being a sulfate shampoo or conditioner?? and then I guess after that ,just keep that conditioner just on hair and rinse rinse rinse. SO. . . . are leave-in's good or not good for the hair?? Some of that must get into the scalp as you sleep with it and such. :wav:
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    I don't think it could go onto the scalp after it's dried on the hair? I dunno.

    I'm at gym everyday too I just wash my hair with lukewarm water as soon as I can after a workout. It's only got a little sweaty which can wash out easily. Same with washing the body, doesn't really need soap, it's just sweat that can be washed off I think. I don't smell afterwards so.

    I have been co-washing my hair using spider hands and massaging into the head, people say rub your hair until your arms are tired. Doesn't this damage the hair because your rubbing it all over the place against your hair. Like getting hair and rubbing it between your hands like you want a fire on the go.

    So you just rub your hair down with the conditioner, not directly to scalp but with some hair underneath your fingers; confused?

    We want answers!

    *mamaherrera I have been shedding loads too you should see the hair come out my head but apparently everyone sheds 90 hairs a day on average at the end of summers and beginning of springs. I only just started CG three weeks back and I was shedding using shampoo sooo.
    - Nate

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