Haircut! Uh oh!

I have fairly fine 3b hair with a lot of volume, which was until about a week ago down to the small of my back. Last weekend I cut most of it off (it's now just above my shoulders) to donate to Locks of Love.
The haircut is cute, and I'm happy I did it, but my hair is impossible to care for now!
My old routine:
Shampoo (sulfate free)
rinse out conditioner (silicone free)
put in braid, go to sleep
wake up with fabulous curls

It was a little flat on top (mainly due to the braiding, I'd say) but it didn't really matter because with hair that long, there was little danger of a "pyramid".

But now, my hair is all sorts of freakazoid shapes. I've tried a few different approaches. If I take a shower in the morning and let it air dry, the top is flat and my hair is ridiculously triangular. If I take one at night, my curls get all squashed and weird looking. I tried "plopping" it the other day, with absolutely disastrous results. Maybe my hair is too short, but all it did was flatten the *very* top of my head and add volume to the sides, making my hair look like a semi-circle (not a very flattering look, I might add).

I've also tried a few texturizing creams/curl constructing mousses, with some success (more defined curls, but still the problems with the shapes) But I think the problem is mainly in the routine.

Does anyone have any advice?


  • MimsTXMimsTX Posts: 3,482Registered Users Curl Neophyte
    try washing in the morning and diffusing instead of air drying. That's the only thing that gives me even volume all the way around my head...
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