Hair type changing?

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Hey I'm a newbie here so sorry if this is the wrong place to post this, I thought it would be okay since my hair is curly & im a teen so yeah :) Anyways I have notice over the past few months that my hair growth has a change in texture. I've had my hair relaxed for about 4-5 years and all of those years my new growth has been the same. However now I'm noticing that my new growth has changed from this: (not me in the picture; my camera broke and my blackberry camera isn't good enough megapixels so i had to google hair like mine)

to this: (not me in the picture either..obviously lol im not beyonce)

I have PCOS and I know one of the symptoms is hair thinning but I didn't think of it that way or anything. I know that hair texture changes about 7 to 9 years but that has never really happened to me.

I'm debating on going natural just to see how this hair is growing and all but does anyone else have any suggestions of what I should do or might know why my hair is changing like this? Thanks.

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