Hello! new to site. One big Question...

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Hello All,
Very new to this and I am not sure that my first post went through. I have recently moved ( 8 hours from home, hair salon of choice, from city to country and...) I think the water is damaging my hair. I notice that it smells more chlorinated than a pool and my hair has been getting progressively worse since I have moved, oh 3 months ago. My products has remained the same, so the only new factors are: the water and the cold/dry weather. Please reccomend your products/ care methods that work. hopefully my signature works, but if not, I am 3a/3b very thick and coarse. I currently use the Jessicurl line for dry hair and have been for over 2 years. Open to any feedback! Has anyone experienced anything like this???
3b/3c ( very new to this )Thick strands and lots of them
Routine: Shampoo every other week with *DevaCurl no poo
CO Wash daily with either *JC Too Shea, *Deva Curl 1 condition or *Aussie Moist ( Leave-in with whichever used)
Jessicurl: *Rockin Ringlets & Confident Coils with oil blend on ends
*Morocan Oil and Morocan Curl Cream
& AnGel

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