Could someone please explain the clarifying method?

Hello! I am sure there have been numerous threads in regards to this, but I can't seem to find the right thread that answers my question?? Perhaps you could refer me to one or something? I'm a newbie to this. :D

Anyways, I recently starting going shampoo-less and so far it seems to be working...I use the anti-breakage V05 conditioner, and it seems to really help my hair. I had a question about "clarifying" though to prevent build up? What exactly is this process? And how often should it be done? Should it be done every time I co-wash? Also what exactly should I use to clarify my hair? Are there any products or recipes? And do you simply message the product in like a shampoo?

I read that some people actually use regular shampoos to clarify? That didn't make sense to me as I thought you had to go shampooless?
I'm so confused! Is it okay to use shampoo once in awhile while doing this? If so, what shampoo??

Thank You!


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    I clarified just before I started CG using a very strong non-sulfate shampoo. I clarified again after something (I think a combination of polyquaterniums) built up on my hair, and I used the same very strong non-sulfate shampoo, then, when I realized that hadn't shifted the buildup, with a baking soda cleanse followed with a dilute lemon juice rinse (most people use apple cider vinegar). I've been CG for over two and a quarter years. I live in a very hard water area.

    I have used a much milder low-poo at other times. My hair and scalp were greasy when I first started (I was usually washing my hair at least once a day prior to going CG), so when I started, I would alternate co-washing and low-pooing (always putting conditioner on my hair first, and following with a co-wash, hoping that would help calm down my scalp oil production). I was quickly able to decrease the frequency with which I low-poo. Most of the time now I can't even remember when the last time I low-pooed was.

    Some people clarify on some sort of regular basis. That may be because they knowingly continue to use products with non-watersoluble silicons in them. Sometimes people have accidental silicone usage. Some people do because they have hard water. (I haven't found the need, but maybe the minerals in their water are different than those in ours).

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    If you were using a conditioner with silicones in them prior to going CG, then you'd want to do a final sulfate wash. Also, if you are exclusively co-washing, then you want to make sure the other products you're using are also free of silicones to prevent build up. There are other ingredients that can also lead to build up too, so some people use a clarifying rinse...usually a baking soda and ACV rinse, brown sugar scrub, or lemonaid rinse.

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