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I've got a mild case (for now ) of rosacea and it makes my whole face go red and hot. I feel like have a permanent embarrassment flush going on.

If I match foundation to my skin I always end up with the pinker shade, in this case Bourjois 10 Hour sleep effect in shade rose clair. If I wore the yellower shade, would the redness in my skin be reduced somewhat?

Also what the heck can I use to help reduce the redness? I've got some redness reducing serum from Boots and some metronidazole cream from my GP to help with the sores and itching that I get during a big flare up. Nothing seems to work.
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    I have no recs for reducing rosacea redness (other than the usual skin calming agents like chamomile, cucumber and oatmeal).

    But re: the foundation color matching, I'd match to my neck rather than my face (assuming your neck isn't as red).
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    I'll be keeping an eye on this thread, because I have the same problem. People ask me ALL THE TIME what kind of blush I wear, and I tell them I don't use any because I have that embarrassment flush thing going on too. It's not always bad, but when the redness spread to my forehead, all over my cheeks, under eye area AND chin it's too much for me lol.

    The only thing I've found that's helped was switching to mineral makeup, not using liquid foundation anymore, and changing my moisturizer and skin care routine. Back in September I had some kind of flare up- I had to switch everything I was using except my foundation. It was like all a sudden my skin was on fire, and for about two weeks straight it didn't matter what I put on it I felt like I had second degree burns all over. The skin thickened up, I was burning red all the time... it was awful! So now I use a really gentle cleanser, an exfoliating face scrub and a new gentle moisturizer- all of which have helped tone down the red really well AND I've had less breakouts too.

    I think if you want to tone down the red/pink, you should look into what you moisturize and cleanse your skin with and how often.

    And, BTW, I just have to say your siggy is HILARIOUS. I never read the post that was from, but OMG I just about died laughing when I read it!
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    i have a lot of redness in my skin and i use yellow-toned foundation to neutralize it.

    and i know that (pricey) laser treatments work well on rosacea.
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    Thanks for all replies. I will give some things a go. I might give the laser a miss though for now ;)
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    I get a little redness, because of the Retin-A I use. Certainly nothing like some of you are describing. I came across a sample of this foundation in a magazine and tried it. I really like it, but not the price tag. You can also get help with your color choice.
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    I have a "permanent" red flush on my face. I have no idea if it's rosacea or what, though I know I have KP on my upper arms and (I think) face. I've tried countless things and the only thing that's worked isabsolutely no soap or "cleanser" and no toner. Not even castile soap.
    I'm currently using the amazing face wash routine that Jess the Mess posted. I love it. It does help to reduce the redness, though it obviously doesn't get rid of it. It also helps with my KP. I have practically no bumps left anymore.
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    Check out this thread--lots of suggestions and stuff that have worked for others.
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    Interesting links ladies! I'll be having a good read of those this weekend.
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