A new BKT'er question

After lurking here reading about the great benefits of BKT, I finally took the plunge and had mine done today. For this first time, I had it done professionally just so I could see it done the right way
. I went in fully intending on getting "Brazilian Blowout' but he ended up talking me into the Marcia Texari (sp?) one...he said it lasts longer. (btw, OMG!!! my hair is perfect! even with the keratin still in it!!! It actually has movement~ SWISH!!! )

My hair is ummm? 2a and 3a...its a combo of straight and then curly underneath. It is very thick, resistant, but no really coarse. Its a total PITA, impossible to comb. Please dear God let this BKT thing work for me...sigh.

So....he did not try to sell me any keratin shampoos, told me to use sulfate free.
My question is:
Do you think the shampoos/condishioners with keratin actually stretch treatment time? Which brands do you'all use?

Ghost Poster and guys are my BKT heros...thanks SO much, ladies, for all the DIY info you have given.Thanks to you I knew I needed to rough up my hair a bit before my treatment sooo I went ahead and put a cheap relaxer in it (which didnt work...infact I think my hair actually scoffed at the relaxer :roll:)
It is very pricey so I think I will be doing my own BKT's in the future:)

I cant wait for day 4 to wash:) I will update again then.

Happy Hair to all :cool:
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    Awww, actually BKT is the :oops: hero!

    AphroDiva and I may actually disagree on this point. I don't believe that keratin-containing shampoos/conditioners will prolong the life of your BKT. Keratin simply doesn't penetrate the hair shaft without the assistance of high heat and other chemicals. In fact, I'm not 100% sure it actually "penetrates" even then, but, rather just coats the hair shaft. In my experience, the only thing that I have had proven results with prolonging the treatment is cowashing. I occasionally use a low-poo shampoo, but I also stay away from any ingredients that have the words "sodium" and "potassium," so I don't know how big of a role that also plays.

    So, in my humble opinion, I think that the regular use of sodium/potassium-free conditioners for cowashing and conditioning is the key to long BKT life. Also, if you have tight, resistant hair, you may need to take your curl down below your desired curl pattern, then let it revert back a bit to where you really want it to be, and it should stay there for a while. If you just do the BKT once, you'll likely find your hair reverting back to its natural curl pattern in 2-4 weeks anyway.

    Welcome to the BKT-lovers' club! :flower:
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