low iron - suggestions? pre-natal recs?

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So I am 17 weeks today. I had a midwife appointment yesterday and everything was fine, except that my iron levels are low, and my midwife told me I need to get them up or I will not be a good candidate for a homebirth.

One thing is that I am a vegetarian, so eating more meat isn't an option. Secondly, I have not been taking pre-natal vitamins or iron. I stopped before I was even pregnant - I was taking them in preparation for trying to conceive and they were causing me really bad, painful constipation with hemerrhoids, cramps and a lot of bleeding, which would freak me out in pregnancy. It got better as soon as I stopped. (I have always kept on taking folic acid, b-complex vitamins, calcium, etc.)

So my question is, what can I eat/take to raise my iron levels? I know dark green veggies like broccoli, spinach, kale etc. are great, but I can barely eat veggies as they make me vomit - even the sight and smell of most of them is awful. Is there a brand of pre-natals that is less constipating than others? (I took the cheapest generics I could find, and my midwife suggested that some name brands might be better.) Is there something I can eat or take along with the pre-natals to make it easier? Something that won't aggravate nausea and vomiting? I'm going to go ask a pharmacist in the next couple of days, but I always like to hear from people what has actually worked for them (assuming I'm not the only one with this problem.)
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    This product kept me from risking out of homebirth due to low iron:


    It's a form of iron that is much more digestible than the crap they put in prenatal vits.
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    I tried Floradix but it was too expensive for the amounts that I needed to take. I ended up buying another food based iron from a local co-op. I am drawing a blank on the name but a midwife who also worked there advised me on which to take. My iron didn't improve but it stayed didn't drop as is common later in pregnancy.

    For prenatals, I took the GNC brand. I had some constipation issues even before switching to them from my normal multi. Lots of water and pineapple juice helped.

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    I've heard that using cast iron cookware, especially for acidic foods like tomato sauce, can increase one's iron levels.
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    One Source...
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    I second rcw's rec:thumright:, a greens supplement that you mix into smoothies might also work,check with your midwife first though.

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    nettle leaf tea. steep several ounces of it in a quart of boiled water for 4 hours or overnight. drink a quart daily.

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    Thank you everyone for the suggestions!

    Just to update... I've been taking liquid iron. I take Palafer. I have been on it for a while now - I haven't had my levels tested yet but I definitely feel like I have more energy. And no digestive problems with it. So thanks for that RCW!

    (it is hella expensive though....)
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