Pravana beach waves?

Has anyone tried this? I have been doing keratin coppola treatments for the last couple of years- did them every 10 weeks this summer which has been awesome in humid Charleston, SC- but I don't like my curl pattern now. It's curly at the roots and too straight at the bottom. I can blow dry it straight and it looks good but a little flat. I would love looser curls without a lot of frizz. So I stumbled on this Pravana beach wave treatment here! It says you can't use it on hair that has had keratin treatment so I would have to wait definitely- but I am curious to see if anyone has tried this since it says it works for loosening up tight naturally curly hair in addition to adding curls to straight hair. Sounds too good to be true. Just curious. Anyone tried it? I am going to send the info to my hairstylist and have them call to see how long I would have to wait - but would love to hear some reviews.


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