New Florida Curly(: Huge difference!

Jelly.ViJelly.Vi Posts: 103Registered Users
Hello lady and 'gents,
im just intoducing myself today(finally).
Im a (on the elder end) 16, curly floridian!

Stumbled upon this site bout a month+ ago
That afternoon i was informed my mother had passed away
I remember her always trying to get me to wear my hair curly and blonde like when i was a baby/todd
And feel as if she sent this site to me.
Now im on a mission to do just that!

I started straightening my hair in the 7th grade regularly (after being teased about my frizz poofball matted thing of a head), and doing crazy coloring in highschool!

Went from black, black and blonde, black and pink!, to bright orange, auburn, more blonde, (all in just a year) and have finally settled down.

I would never step outside without my hair straight :C
(before and after curls )

Anywho, i was also thinking about v/blogging once in GA. Would the community of curlies like that? Need some ideas to vlog/blog about. ect, if anyone has any, Greatly appreciated.

Any advice, comments or just hellos are GREATLY appreciated!


  • christeeneechristeenee Posts: 90Registered Users
    is your hair cottony just because you havent put any styling hold products? Maybe?
    3b/3c Hair
    High Elasticity
    Medium Texture
    Porosity- ?Unsure

  • Jelly.ViJelly.Vi Posts: 103Registered Users
    I think i may be just overthinking it :laughing6:
    ill just continue using leave in and such,
    thanks for input!

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