HELP--need something to hold, define enchance curl!

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My hair is I think 2B/2C, alot of gels seem too heavy. I used to use Biolage gelee (the old formula) tried BRHG and it seems kind of heavy. I need something that will define, hold and enchance curl. I have been doing the CG, but I will try anything if it can do all the things listed. I can't let my hair airdry either because curls/waves are flat and frizzy.


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    If you want to start with the less expensive stuff, I'd try the Clairol Herbal Essence gels - either the Body Envy, Set Me Up or Totally Twisted. Those are under $3.00 each at Walmart - can't beat that!
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    I have VERY fine hair, my fav gels are ArcAngell, Abba Weightless, HE Body Envy
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    I was having the same issues and I got some GREAT advice on here. Make sure you are putting your gel on drippy wet hair. I started squeezing it out in the shower and applying my gel, THEN wrapping my hair in a towel. Made a HUGE difference for me. Also, you might try some conditioner mixed into it. I use about 1:3 conditioner to gel.

    I use Aussie gel, btw...
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    I agree with everyone's advice. I also put products into dripping wet hair. I use Set Me Up with anything especially when diffusing. My combo for diffusing is Garnier Fructis Soft Curl Creme (rub it between your hands first, then smooth and scrunch--same with Set Me Up) and then Set Me Up gel.

    Also, if you use a blow dryer without a diffuser, you will get much better results if you get a diffuser attachment or buy a blow dryer with a bowl diffuser. Hope that helps :)
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    I've been struggling with CG since I started 4 weeks ago and just yesterday I tried putting re coil and gel into my hair when it was dripping wet, and WOW!! what a difference. I had awesome hair yesterday, which was nice because I had a holiday party to go to. I got a lot of compliments. I wonder why it makes such a difference to put product in to dripping wet hair? Any way, that's what i'll be doing from now on!

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