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Hey, my name is Albany (I was named after the Duke of Albany in Shakespeare's King Lear, in case you were wondering hahah).

Well, I have type 3b brunette hair and it's weird because neither of my parents have curly hair. Guess I don't get my hair from them, but from their respective sides of the family :) But when I was younger, my hair used to be a LOT curlier, like type 4 hair. You could probably imagine the pain I went through :/

Speaking of pain, until about early July, I had dreadlocks!!!!!!! For a year and a half! I started to miss my curly hair, though, so when school ended this year, I just grabbed a big conditioner bottle and combed through my hair. All went well and I didn't lose any hair that I wasn't supposed to hahah.

I learned a lesson: it IS possible to get rid of dreadlocks without shaving your head! But it's only if they were really crappy dreadlocks like mine...And if you lose LOTS of conditioner! :)

Well, that's my life story in terms of my hair :)

miss etincelle?
former dreadhead and now a curly girl! :mrgreen:
type 3b/brunette
trying to grow my hair to at least bsl, but no longer than wl
now on cg and seeing how it's working so far :)


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    Welcome! We're so glad you've joined us!

    Gretchen co-founder

    You are beautiful!

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