Acai Brazillian Blowout Side Effects - HELP!

Hi all!
Im new here so I will give a quick (hopefully) run down of my mess of a head of hair. Please keep in mind that until I was about 11 I had straight hair....then during a haircut it litterally began to curl up right before my eyes. My mom and the stylist spent an hour trying to figure out if someone had put perm in my hair by accident.

Since it decided it was curly I keep my hair long to weigh it down, its almost to my butt now. Its jet black, I bleach highlights in and then dye those purple. While it is imensely thick and extremely curly it doesnt get too frizzy, even when its humid I put it up and it stays smooth to my head without product but I will definately get dents and get VERY fluffy.

Despite all the bleach, purple, blow dry's and flat irons its very healthy. It sucks up moisture like no ones business but generally gets perfectly pin straight and stays that way...I can go a week or more without a wash (although I dont cause it grosses me out) and no one would ever be able to tell.

My major issue has always been how long it takes to do. A hair dresser can blow it out perfect in about an hour with just a brush. It takes me 2 hours with a brush then another hour and a half with an iron. As I get older and my hands/wrists get worse and worse (I need major surgery) from arthritis it becomes more torturous to do my hair and unlike my friends I simply cant afford to get it blown out twice a week or even once a week!

After months and months of product searching, asking stylists, calling companies and saving money I decided on the brazillian blowout because there is no way I can wait 3 days before washing my hair or putting it up or not getting those ugly little waves by my roots.

After months more of product searching I settled on Acai, the supposedly "hyde" free. I knew the 3 day treatment would make my hair almost perfectly straight even right out of the shower but my main concern was the promise of it shortening dry time. It'd be nice if it was straight when wet but for the prices I have been quoted there is NO WAY I am risking a permenant dent by waiting 3 days. The cheapest price I got for 3 days was $400 and for the Acai brazilian was $450.

I gave up hope at that point until a friend set me up with her stylist (I checked her out, works in a reputable salon for years, licensed and also passed the Acai courses) This girl would do it at her house for $250 flat. I went and had it done.
Process was simple, took 2 eyes watered terribly during the whole thing. I was expecting her to wash it right out then and there but she told me there was no need and since my hair looked so perfect why ruin it (I think she was just over it) so I left it.

I left it in 4 days....had a few dents and wasnt concerned. When I did was it I did it at another friends salon...she just rinsed it and applied the masque product. Looked great.
I then discovered I had to buy Acai's shampoo and conditioner at $35 a bottle - so I did.

After the next shampoo my scalp began to peel....not FLAKE but PEEL.....big gross pieces that looked like what comes off you after a sun burn. This lasted through 2 shampoo's. Now you can no longer see the flakes or dry skin on my scalp but I am a constant snow shower.

It still takes me about 45 minutes to blow out my hair and an iron is still a requirement....but that only takes about 10 minutes now.

Ive noticed though that my hair feels dirty now in a day...sometimes less. Also, and my absolute biggest hair smells terrible. The shampoo and conditioner have a pleasant smell but it seems to not effect the dirty chemical smell which is ALWAYS on my hair. Its worse when it gets wet in the shower but it is always there, I dont even want my boyfriend to hug me cause he is taller than me and his face is right in my hair.

If I dont wash my hair every day it is almost pillowcases smell, if my hair is up and I let it down I can actually smell it! EWWWW

Im probably a little more than half way through the length of time my treatment is going to last.....I dont know about getting another one cause of the flakes and the smell but the idea of going back to a 3 hour process makes me want to cry.....even typing this is killing me and I know I will spend the next 2 days with a big ugly brace on.

Am I missing something? Is there any way to fix the flaking and smell issue? I know these treatments are culmative so if another one makes the blow dry time even less it'd be awesome but even $250 for me is a major expense and I cant see making it if I can never wear black again or let anyone within 3 feet of me cause my hair stinks!

(I attached a pic of the product, all the bottles look the same)

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