Anyone try VO5 Nourishing Oasis Product Line?

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I try to co-wash with something a little cheaper than using a regular conditioner so I was browsing the VO5 site and saw they had the Nourishing Oasis line. Has anyone tried this? I use the regular for co-washing and do find it a bit on the thin side so wondering if this was a little thicker and perhaps more moisturizing too.


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    I have this for a co-wash and for the money, it's good. I will sometimes ooomph it up with my Curlicious Cleansing Cream. But for a cheap co-wash, it does a decent job.
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    i used it a year ago , it was ok . nothing special about it for my hair , one condish did make my hair a lil dry . i never bought it again tho.
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    If you want a thicker conditioner, Oasis is quite thick. I like the Honey Almond. It does have one silicone, though, so be aware of that.
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    It was okay. Nothing spectacular. It wasn't "enough" for my hair to use on it's own, though. But your hair might be different.
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