How do i moisturise my hair?

AdamTanzAdamTanz Registered Users Posts: 11
lately my hair has been feeling extra dry, my hair is 4a and 3c but because it has become dry it now resembles 4c textured hair. it started feeling dry after i used the aphogees 2 second re constructer protein treatment, i know protein dry's the hair but i deep conditioned afterwards and it sill feels ashy . the conditioners i used were olive oil deep penetrating conditioner and optimum stay strong conditioner. my hair is very thick so it being dry really makes it hard to manege.

oh and btw what is the best technique to define my curls?

thank you so much in advance


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    Hi Adam,
    I'd say for a protein treatment maybe the safest bet would be to use the accompanying conditioner in that product line. Because Aphogee makes a conditioner that is the 2nd step in the process. When you do that protein treatment, it may be best to get that conditioner as well. Then deep condition with your preferred products.

    As far as defining your curls, I'm still trying to figure that one out! ...LOL! However, recently I have had GREAT results with mxing honey and shea butter. While I haven't "perfected" the right amounts yet, I do know that I will be trying until I do.

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  • AdamTanzAdamTanz Registered Users Posts: 11
    thank you jay, thats sounds like a very smart suggestion im going to give that a try . because my hair was soft and moisturised i was really feeling my hair and then bang combs were refusing to go through my hair! lol

    that sound like the consistency my hair reacts well to when i put thick products in it really goes curly. thank you so much!

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