Curly for First Time In 12 Years!!!!

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Hi, everyone!

I'm 24 years old and have been blowdrying and flat ironing my hair since 1998!!!!! ACK! My (amazing) boyfriend encouraged me to just let it air dry a few times and I've since learned through trial and error how to make it work (mostly) for me. I usually blowdry the top/first bang part (you can see in the pics) for volume and I think it just looks dumb on me being curly near my scalp because it's sort of uneven. But I think it can be better. I'm finally ready to take the plunge to full curliness via the CG way.

I will admit I'm totally overwhelmed by the process and the information on this site. And I'm totally scared about the no poo thing. I have pretty thin and very fine hair - it is soft and easily blowdried straight. I only have to use a flat iron on specific spots. I feel like it gets weighed down really easily and isn't as dry as most other curlies. I've always had a greasy scalp 24 hours after washing but I have noticed since I stopped blowdrying that I can go a few days before it's greasy/smelly. For those reasons I'm nervous about how long I can stand the no poo thing.

Anyway, I hope I get some support here and I would love to meet you guys :) I'm hoping to get a deva cut sometime next weekish. After the cut I will start my CG life! There is a lot to read up on in the meantime.

Here are some photos! Everyone's favorite part :) I would love to meet with someone who feels they may have similar hair to me also. Thanks guys!!!!

1st Pic: A bad/dry day, I didn't do anything to it but let it air dry and it was exposed while wet to very cold and strong winds. Wanted to show all the different types though! (I also need a hair cut!)

2nd Pic: When I was first starting to let it go curly *most* days of the week.

3rd Pic: Compilation of a few from the beginning period again.

4th Pic: A messy day, curls were not clumping :(

5th Pic: Compilation of a good day, where I blowdried farther down than usual and got more of a wavy effect. I like it here, the curls are nice and my hair was soft. My ideal would be for it to be curlier than this, but soft and clumped in big curls like this. And for it to be all over my head!

Let me know what you guys think! I look forward to meeting you.


  • tinkkioutinkkiou Posts: 6Registered Users
    Oh yes.... found some pics from very early on. I looked terrible! But I'm brave, so here they are. This is why I like to blowdry that front section. Yelccchhhh.

    And lastly, one of me with straight hair. It takes about 10 minutes to pull it straight and then I flat iron the ends a little and a few spots close to my scalp near my temples that tend to curl. It's always been easy to straighten this way, again my hair is pretty flexible, soft and fine.

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